Monday, 27 February 2017

How to write a valuable content 

Why did I choose to write about this topic. The reason is because i did know nothing about how to write a strong content. So, i thought its a good idea to do some research about it, not just to learn to write a strong content but also help you, the reader. I read a lot of good articles about it and listened to a lot of youtube video's. At the beginning of my reseach I asked myself how to write a strong content. I would like to answer this question in this blog post. 

Strong content
Do you remember that you read something and suddenly you were so motivated to take an
action that you could not stop yourself. Thats a high quality content. Writing a high quality content is important. Creating a strong content takes a lot of your time, but if you inspire your reader to have a different persective or take an action, it is worth it. What is the purpose Of your content? Of course to provide value to your reader. What effect does your writing have on people? What and how would you write if you knew you had an impact on the life of millions of people? Imagine for a moment that you write a content and people start thinking in a different way, or they take actions. Your reader will not only comment on your blog and follow you, but share your idea with friends and family. Imagine how you would think, feel and act if you have impact on the life of your readers. If by writing this blogpost i can help one person think or act differently, it is worth my time and I am satisfied. 

Why shoud you tell a story
Tell a story. Why we humans love stories?Because it is the most effective way to connect with
your reader. With your story you can also intertain your audience. By imagining things our brain does the same thing as doing that thing. Your experiencing it. Stories makes us feel things. It is also a way of learning. After telling a story to a friend you feel closer to that friend. Tell your story with a lot of details. For instance: after walking outside I felt the sun on my skin and.....Make your reader imagine, feel, experience the way you want them to. Who is your reader you want to connect to? 

Idea's for your content
If you have a conversation with your reader it may be an interesting topic to write about. If your reader has a certain question you can write a content to answer the question. If you are reading a great book ask yourself can it also benefit others. If you have an idea in your head don't just think about it, but put it on paper. Be curious about others and ask questions. After all you 're writing to your readers. Turn the music on.

More tips 
Write longer content. It is  a myth that writing short articles is better. A study about average shares by content lengths shows the longer your content the more the article was shared. Entertain your reader while writing. Give your reader a call to action. Write searchable titles. Be creative and take enough time to think, write and read your content. After writing your content go for a walk. You will be surprised that you think and write better.Use images because people are visual.Be real be yourself while writing.Let someone read your content and ask feedback. 

Read great blog posts for inspiration. Ask yourself questions: what is about this content that makes it so special. What techiques  does the blogger use? I read a few blog articles of Steve Pavlina and could not stop reading. I think a strong content must inspire your reader to take an action or at least to share your idea with others. 

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