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How to be happy in life

How to be happy in life? 

What is happiness to you? What's the difference between a happy life and a meaningful life?What is healthy happiness? Is being all the time happy healthy for you? Which actions can you take to live a happier life? I was really interested in the science of happiness and studied happiness i love to share it with you. 

Why is happiness healthy for you
We all want to be happy. Science shows that happines not only feels great but also predicts better physical health and even a higher paycheck. But why is happiness good for you. Happiness prodects your heart. In 2005, a paper found that happiness predicts lower heart rate and blood pressure. Happiness strengthnes your immune system. Research is now finding a link between happiness and stronger immune system. Happy people are helathier. Happiness combats stress. Happiness lengthens our lives. Studies have shown that happier people live 7-10 years longer. There are more reasons to be happy.

Definition happiness
Most of us probably don't believe we need a definition for happiness--we know it when we feel it, it is a range of positive emotions, including joy, pride, contentment and gratitude. Psychology researcher Sonja Lyubomirsky describes happiness as "the experience of joy, contentment, or positive well-being, combined with a sense that one's life is good, meaningful, and worthwhile''. 

Scientific differences between a happy life and a meaningful one
Roy Baumeister, a Francis Eppes Professor of Psychology at Florida State University describes the differences between a happy and a meaningful live based on a paper he published in the Journal of Positive Psychology. 
  • Happy people satisfy their wants and needs, but that seems largely irrelevant to a meaningful life. Therefore, health, wealth, and ease in life were all related to happiness, but not meaning.
  • Happiness involves being focused on the present, whereas meaningfulness involves thinking more about the past, pressent and future - and the relationship between them. Happiness was seen fleeting, while meaningfullness seemed to last longer. 
  • Meaningfulness is derived from giving to other people;happiness comes from what they give to you. Although social connections were linked to both happiness and meaning, happiness was connected more to benefits one receives from social relationships especially friendships, while meaningfulness was related to what one gives to the other for instance, taking care of children. 
  • Meaningful lives involve stress and challenges. Higher level of worry, stress were linked to higher meaningfulness but lower to happiness.
  • Self-expression is important to meaning but not happiness. Doing things to express oneself and caring about personal and cultural identity were linked to a meaningful life but not a happy one. 
Baumeister encouraes more people to seek meaningful pursuit in life whether or not so makes them feel happy. He recognizes that the two are closely tied. Having a meaningful life contributes to being happy and being happy may also contribute to finding life more meaningful. His advice is work toward long-term goals; do things that society holds in high regard for achievement or moral reasons. Look beyond yourself to find the purpose in what you are doing. Chances are that you will also find pleasure and happiness along the way. 

How to attain a healthy dose of happiness
First, it is important to experience happiness in the right amount. Too little hapiness is just as problematic as too much. Second, happiness has a time and a place, and one must be mindful about the situation in which one experiences happiness. Third, it is important to have a emotional balance. You can not experience happiness at the cost or expense of negatieve emotions, such as sadness, or anger or guilt. These all part of a complex recipe of emotional health and help us attain a more grounded perspective. Finally, it is important to pursue and experience happiness for the right reasons. Research suggests that people who strive to feel happy all the time may suffer of disappointment. We should build acceptance of our current emotional state, whatever it may be. True happiness, it seems, comes from kindness toward others-and towards yourself. Being more socially adept is tied to happiness (Jill Suttie,Psy.D.).

Which actions can you take to be happy
Do things that you genuinely love to do. I love writing and reading and it makes me happy. Go for a walk with a friend. See the beauty in little things. Listen to your favourite music. Exercise, work on yourself and improve everyday. Set goals and challenge yourself. You can not change the circumstances but you can change the way you see things in life.This way of pursuining happiness means proactively putting yourself in contexts that trigger positive emotions. 


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