Monday, 30 January 2017

Two easy phrases that will improve your relationship instantly

Personal relationships run the world. But why is it that some people connect so easily with people? What's their secret to success?  I always wondered why some people are so great at communicating with people and others are not. I have two easy techniques that will instantly help you.

Why is ''you'' such a powerful word? Because from the moment we were born, we wanted to be the center of the universe. We are asking our self by every action, every word. How does that affect me?
People who wish to control, inspire, be loved by, sell to people they start with the word you.
Start every appropriate sentence with you. It immediately grasp your listener´s attention. For instance if i want to compliment someone about the question she asked. Which sounds better? You have asked a great question, or its a great question.

Create the sensation of intimacy with someone even if you've met just moments before by using the word we. The word ''we'' fosters togetherness. It makes the listener feel connected. If you use we or us, even to strangers, it subconsciously brings us closer to each other. From my own experience if i use we, its a sing of togetherness, team or we are one. Just try once!

Friday, 27 January 2017

How to talk that people want instantly listen to you

Dear reader,

Have you ever had that  feeling that you was talking and nobody listened? You wanted to share something meaningful and express yourself. I have struggled many times with and I know how it feels. That’s the reason I did some reading and research to help you.
Your listeners brain is always full of his or her own thoughts, worries, and enthusiasm. If you need information from others, let people have their entire say first. Whenever you are discussing emotionally charged matters, let the speaker finish completely before you jump in. Count to ten if you have to. It will seem like an eternity, but letting others finish is the only way he or she will hear you when it’s your turn. 
People who listen are trusted more than those who gab the talking stick and barge traight into chatter. Listening shows respect and empathy for other people. Great leaders and coaches are also  great listeners.

Why people won't listen to you. 
There are a few habits that we need to move away from, if we want people listen to us. 
First, gossip. Speaking ill of somebody who’s not present. We know perfectly well the person gossiping, five minutes later will be gossiping about us. Second, judging. It’s very hard to listen to somebody if you know that you’re being judged. Third, negativity. It’s very hard to listen to somebody who is only negative. Fourth, complaining. We complain about everything. Final, lying. We don’t want to listen to people we know are lying to us.

Why people want listen to you.
There are some good habits that people instantly will listen to you. (Julian Treasure) Honesty be clear and straight to people (not very honest you look ugly this morning), Authenticity be yourself, Integrity be your word, and Love wish people well. A great quote says: when you talk you  are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something  new.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Make every person interested in you

Hello world,

Thank you, dear reader for your valuable time and interest in reading my first blog. I love to share al this valuable information with you. We are all interested in people, we love to learn about others and connect with them. In every aspect of life making friends, finding a job, finding your dream girl or boy depends upon your ability to get along with others and present a positive image of yourself. Are you truly interested in seeing, growing, and learning? I have a lot of valuable information to share with you. I am really passionate about this subject.

Here are some  easy tricks for you;

- A powerful compliment that you will never forget. This is out of my own experience. If you really want to make someone happy with your compliment, instead telling someone directly of your admiration, tell someone who is close to the person you wish to compliment. I cannot describe how powerful it is. Just try it once.

- Always try to turn the spotlight on other the person. Why? Because truly confident people know that they grow more from listening than by talking.

- The secret to making other people like you is showing your interest in them. Ask questions about their passion, their career and their hobby's.

- If you want someones attention, call them by their name. It's the sweetest sound for a human to hear their own name.(Dale Carnegie; How to win friends and influence people).

- Never say the phrase thank you alone. Always make it thank you for something. For instance mom; thank you for doing the dishes.